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About JACE Real Estate Company

Meet The Team

You may know that JACE Real Estate started out specializing in Land Sales and Development, after all our founder had his Degree in Real Estate & Finance and sold land for more than 43 years and yes, that was me stomping along beside him on several hundred parcels of land.

What truly defines the name JACE on the Olympic Peninsula are our standards of education and dedication to service, both with our clients and within the greater community. In small ways service can be taught, but great service, JACE service requires an attitude and aptitude to give, to learn, and to care wholeheartedly about the needs of others.

These standards of service and education are demonstrated daily throughout JACE Real Estate. I could not, would not want to work anywhere else. Every client and every transaction allows us to be teachers and students of professionalism, integrity, and service to others – and frankly, that’s a darn fine way to live this life.

Photo of Matthew Jordon

Matthew Jordon Broker

Photo of Denise Jones

Denise Jones Broker

Photo of Adam Plute

Adam Plute Broker

Photo of Jenalee Attwood

Jenalee Attwood REALTOR/Broker

Photo of Neil Dexter

Neil Dexter Broker

Photo of Debbie Cottrell

Debbie Cottrell

Photo of Eileen Schmitz

Eileen Schmitz President/Owner

Photo of Ben Scofield

Ben Scofield Broker

Photo of Ceilidh (Kaylee) Duncan

Ceilidh (Kaylee) Duncan Broker

Photo of Dathan Myers

Dathan Myers Broker

Photo of Jeanine Cardiff

Jeanine Cardiff Broker